Monday, April 27, 2015

A Trail of Breadcrumbs

I have made the best decisions when I have followed my intuition. I have made the worst when I have willed my way through situations that didn't feel right. This feeling, that was so easy to rationalize away, was first a nudge and then an insistent hammering. But I was used to discounting my feelings, and so I pushed against them mightily, instead of heeding them and changing direction.

Our feelings provide intuitive hints. But sometimes, they arrive in such a flock that it is hard to sift through them and see which feeling talks about which thing. As I am learning to tune in, I feel that following intuitive hunches might be like following a trail of breadcrumbs. We don't know where they will lead. Maybe they will lead nowhere. Maybe they will get us to the next point.

What's important is that we are open to following them in the first place. Experimenting seems to be important. And reality checking. Intuition seems to be linked to trusting our curiosities, turning over rocks, looking underneath things. Maybe the magic is that we stayed open to clues and asked questions about them, and in the asking, moved several steps forward. 

What we ultimately did was either prove or disprove these hunches. But we first gave ourselves permission to follow them.

I wrote earlier about this exercise that I have been doing to allow intuition into my life. Some of it seems to be working, as little shifts happen. I am more aware, more observant, more responsive. Just the willingness to explore and the shift in attention seems to be greasing some wheels, opening some doors.  

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