Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Writing Year

It's the start of another wonderful new year - an empty blank canvas that is both exciting and a little frightening. Will we able to pluck all the ideas that are ripening in our heads before they fall and go to dust? Will we be able to have the courage to live our lives this year as ourselves? Will we actually do what we are meant to do or will we get off-track at some point?

And if we do, how will we pick ourselves up?

Like you, I don't know the answers to these questions.

When I first started writing and blogging, I thought I needed to know all the answers, that I needed to come to some conclusion almost every week in my writing for this blog to make any sense.

But as I've continued on my journey, I have found that what I need to do is stay with the complicated questions, stay with them and keep asking till I am ready to accept the answers and live their sometimes difficult truths.

If your wish for this year is to start on your creative journey, then I hope that you don't get fooled into thinking that you need to know all the answers to begin. You don't.

We just want to walk behind you as you go forth bravely into the darkness. We know it takes courage to disregard the clanging voices both inside and outside. We are waiting for you to give us a piece of the puzzle that we hold in our hands. We need your understanding so we can make sense of the bigger picture.

What you are doing is important.

In this new writing year, I hope both you and I can follow our curiosity into the nooks and crannies, have the courage to meander as well as the courage to experiment. I hope both of us stop looking at other people and how they do things, and instead look inside and find our own, unique ways.

I hope, this year, we find our rhythms and dance our own dance.

I hope this process is both fun and interesting and challenging and expansive.

Let this be the year when you walk on the artiste's path, and find that everything is just as you wished it would be.

Happy New Year !   

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