Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How hunger and lack of sleep are related.

Yesterday, I talked about the mind-body link that Deepak Chopra discusses in his book, What are you hungry for? Changing our relationship with food goes beyond making informed nutritional choices. We might have to go deeper and address issues like emotional hunger or the way our lifestyle hampers us and contributes to overeating.

Here's what Deepak Chopra says about his own struggle with weight: "Because everything is connected, something like getting a good night's sleep was part of my new way of eating. Lack of sleep throws off the balance between two hormones (leptin and ghrelin) responsible for making you feel hungry and full. People who don't sleep well overeat easily when their body stops sending the right hormonal messages. Belly fat disturbs the same hormones. And what you end up with is a self-perpetuating cycle that is not only unhealthy but potentially dangerous."

As I work to change my own relationship with food, deconstructing why and when I overeat has become more and more important. Since lack of sleep is an issue for many people, becoming aware that it could be contributing to overeating can provide that nudge to make the change and actually get more sleep.

Awareness is the key to making any change. How is your lifestyle affecting the way you eat?

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